the art of creation

From the vineyard to the wine glass


From the vineyard to the press

A basic base for “Moskva Zlatoglavaya” sparkling wine is extracted from the wines of the following varieties: Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc (for all the types of wine) and Muscat (for sweet wine)/Sauvignon Blanc (for brut). We make a high-quality assemblage for obtaining original flavors. The most quality juice (the first pressing) is called cuvee. It is used to produce the best sparkling wines of the “Moskva Zlatoglavaya” brand. These wines are exquisite, fresh and aromatic.


Secondary fermentation

To facilitate the fermentation process, tirage syrup based on sugar cane is added to the basic base, where the special yeast cultures, acclimatized to the wine medium, are then added. Tirage syrup provokes the secondary spirit fermentation when the creation of the sparkling wine takes place.



The temperature of the products rise when fermentation occurs. The juice is cooled with the help of a special method with the aim of stopping the fermentation. Yeasts are filtered out before they finish their task, thanks to which the wine preserves sugar, and its strength doesn’t exceed 8%. This technology allows for better uncovering of the aromatics and provide the smoothness of taste. One of the most popular sparkling wines produced in Italy – ASTI – is manufactured according to this method.



The addition of dosage liquor (reserve wine plus sugar syrup), which is a mixture of wine and sugar in a certain proportion for each type of sparkling wines is required for the product release of the category “Moskva Zlatoglavaya Brut” and “Moskva Zlatoglavaya Sweet”


Filtration and bottling

A ready-made sparkling wine “Moskva Zlatoglavaya” is filtered and bottled. The process of fining, labeling and packaging of the product takes place.